From CAP: > This dataset contains responses to Gallup's Most Important Problem question aggregated at the annual level and coded by major topic. Years with missing observations (1953/1955) are those in which there were no corresponding MIP data available. Contact us for quarterly MIP data if needed.

cap_get_mip(min_year = NULL, max_year = NULL)



Returns data starting at this year


Returns data up to this year


a data.frame of CAP's most important problem data

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The master codebook and datasets at


# pull the Most Important Problem data for every year since 1980 mip <- cap_get_mip(min_year = 1980) # pull the MIP data for every year between 1950 and 1970 mip <- cap_get_mip(min_year = 1950, max_year = 1970) # pull the MIP Data for every year until 2010 mip <- cap_get_mip(max_year = 2010)